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Aikido, Founder's Vision

Aikido expresses the inner need of the Founder, to deliver a lively message around the world. The war does not end when a person becomes more destructive than his opponent, but when he refuses to act in a destructive way.

People are born with the instinct of self-preservation and when they grow in competitive environments, quite often they adopt either defensive or aggressive attitudes. This pattern creates tension and conflict in social life, thus disrupting the natural flow of energy.

Aikido is a form of "meditation in motion", which helps the practitioner to redefine his attitude and communicate with other people in a creative way. The techniques of Aikido teach the practitioner that it is possible to resolve conflict with calmness and self control. Fear and aggression are reduced, as education takes place in a safe environment, dominated by acceptance and respect for the physical integrity of the student.
The training is done in cooperation and mutual assistance and promotes team spirit. Practitioners understand that helping one another to improve is much more rewarding and liberates them from the struggle to stand out.

Finally, through training the student realizes that dedication and "hard work" are the only paths to progress. Aikido is a physical exercise and improvement of one’s self cannot be attained on a mental level, but only through participation and training. The vision of the founder for Aikido was to be a form of physical exercise that helps people become stronger and use their skills not to destroy but to create.

* For reasons of language simplicity, only the masculine gender is used in this website.